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Wiki Things To Do

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see Wiki Things Done for work done

  • Put the Mini Wiki archive online
  • Improve the Mini Wiki so that it takes in account escaping characters (includes a small refactoring of the parsing functions)
  • Stop removing whitespace characters before and after wiki text (see bulleted lists when beginning a page with one)
  • Solve some bulleted lists bugs
  • Improve bulleted lists so that
    • you can type much text (with line breaks, at least) in a list item (close the /li when another item starts or when list ends)
    • you can type no text in a list item and make it actually appear
    • sublists items are contained in a li element (XHTML compliance)
  • Write some documentation (especially about bulleted lists use)
  • Solve URL bug when URL is at the end of a page (or line ?)
  • Add mail address detection and replacement (mail(at)example(dot)com)
  • Make clear in regexps that "MyPage.php" is not a wiki expression (well, it actually is...)
  • Take in account invalid wiki contexts and pathnames (improve security)
  • Make wiki links simpler
    • don't use wikiaction=show everywhere... make it default action
    • look if we can check parameter unicity, giving the wiki page name (as in wiki?WikiPage
  • Add logging/alert support
  • Add support for wiki tools (list of all pages, search a page, see page log...)
  • Make contexts interoperable to know if another context hosts a page with a given name
  • Probably make the wiki page parameter parameterizable ... ooh that's nearly schizo !
  • Add diff support
    • Backup Wiki Pages when modifying
    • Add diff tool
  • Add deletion support (Delete This tag)
  • Add Wiki maintenance tools
    • Create a Wiki contexts comparison tool so that you can check if two contexts (e.g. one in french and the other in english languages) are up-to-date each others
    • Add a Last-Modified tool
  • Add search tools
    • Add a Wiki page name search tool
    • Add a Wiki page content search tool
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