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Wiki Things Done

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see Wiki Things To Do for work to do on the wiki

  • 2004/02/05
    • reworked page modification date
    • added wiki dynamic side hiding (wiki links are HTML targets)
    • made Wiki links more readable for human eyes (and for search engines bots)
  • 2003/04/15 : added page modification date information gathering
  • 2003/04/09
    • HTTP links now open in a new window
    • fixed bulleted lists bug when starting a new list
  • 2003/04/08
    • added bulleted lists
    • improved parsing (fine-tuned string using to avoid unnecessary parsing by PHP)
  • 2003/02/25
    • improved link rewriting in URLUtils.php
    • improved the WikiParserVisitor class so that it builds up xhtml-valid paragraphs
    • improved other things
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