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Site Things To Do

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see Site Things Done for past improvements
see Wiki Things To Do and Wiki Things Done for information on wiki updates

This pages lists the things that have to be done (or may be one day) to improve the quality of the site.

  • Fix some more XHTML (see Test Page)
    • Fix things in Wiki bulleted lists (see Wiki Things To Do)
    • Fix anything else that could fail :-)
  • Translate everything in French (that's hard work !)
  • Add information about Java projects...after all the site's here for that !
  • Debug menu links rewriting so that it doesn't rewrite existing parameters
  • Move french content to a new Wiki context
  • Create a language choice component
  • Add a last-seen-pages list (5 pages back) on the left of the site
  • Add a default document handler (apache) so that Home Page.html executes wiki with Home Page parameter (i.e. search engines compliance)
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