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see Site Things To Do for future additions
see Wiki Things To Do and Wiki Things Done for information on wiki updates

  • 2004/02/04
    • Fixed some XHTML issues (many more to fix...especially in wiki)
    • Fixed 404 handler so that it does'nt send back "404 Error" but a nice "200 OK"
    • Added a Wiki links rewriter for .html extensions
    • Revamped site layout
  • 2003/12/21 Added a 404 error document handler in Apache
  • 2003/11/05 Added Memoire Kerberos, my study on Kerberos
  • 2003/11/04 Added some Wiki Things To Do
  • 2003/04/15 Made page's last-modified the wiki page's last-modified (modified some wiki)
  • 2003/04/09 Added the My Web Log (or My Blog) page
  • 2003/02/25 Corrected some blog text and added wiki information
  • 2003/02/24 Added some blog text to the site
  • 2003/02/22 Fixed the XHTML 1.1 and CSS compliance (see Site Validation Against Standards)
  • 2003/02/21 Put the site online
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