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NEW !!!

I put a new version of both the site (see Site Things Done) and the Wiki (Wiki Things Done) online.
Will try to keep up...

My paper on Kerberos V5 is online : see Memoire Kerberos


This site is dedicated to bringing some Java (and PHP) developments to the web as a mean to learn from examples (for visitors), implementation (for contributors) and feedback (for everyone).

A bit of history :

The initiating project (formerly known as the ACS project) started two years ago, in the middle of 2001. The main goal of the project was to design an XML-based Application and Content Server (thus the name...) with the Java platform, where you would simply create templates and integrate them in the public site by providing content and formatting properties.
The project came to a working prototype, but with so few design intelligence it was very difficult to make it evolve to something bigger. Then came the idea of contructing the content management server around proven standards (i.e. J2EE) that could be masterized either by creating many applications (inducting having to think about that "many" :) or by working as a J2EE platform provider and designing a J2EE server...
The choice was made to develop a J2EE application server (namecode Syracuse) to support further developments. Well, actually, it's not as simple as it first appeared. The server came to a point where a full working servlet container was running. But evolution to something bigger (i.e. full naming context, EJB... ?) seemed - again - a big worry.
In order to refactor the already developped system, and provide documentation which missed a bit, at least for the "big picture", the XUCT (eXtensible UML CASE Tool) project was started...
Hum hum... well that's a bit messy, isn't it ? Not much work finalized, lots of projects started, maybe lots of fun, a bit of wasted motivation, but not many things YOU CAN SEE !!!

This site is indeed what I would call a MotivatorMoto.

see the Site Things To Do page to learn about next improvements in the site
see the ProjectsThingsToDo page to catch up some information on incoming developments

Ce site est destiné à recevoir différents développements Java (et PHP) afin de créer un lieu d'apprentissage par l'exemple (pour les visiteurs), par l'implémentation (pour les participants aux projets) et par le retour d'expérience (pour tous).

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